The Indie Film Scene of Dallas

The city is home base for a growing community of young filmmakers, who are making their mark on the independent film scene.
The Indie Film Scene of Dallas
Barak Epstein, Eric Steele, and Jason Reimer are part of a growing community of filmmakers that call Dallas home. Photograph by Will Graham

For a generation of young Texans eager to write and direct their own movies, the message has long been the same: Head to Austin, that promised land of Slacker and South by Southwest and the ever-expanding Alamo Drafthouse franchise. With its high-profile residents—among them Richard Linklater, Robert Rodriguez and Terrence Malick—its myriad film festivals and the University of Texas film program, it is a city known for its worshipful devotion to a certain brand of independent-spirited cinema.

More recently, though, Austin has shared a bit of the spotlight with Dallas, where a close-knit group of young filmmakers is making a mark on the film scene. With the steadily gentrifying Oak Cliff neighborhood as their home base, these artists, who have attracted notice from beyond the state’s borders, are giving the city of Dallas something it has never quite enjoyed before—a burst of indie street credibility.

This is a group of doers,” said Eric Steele, a Dallas-born writer, director and actor who recently premiered a stage show-short film hybrid called “The Midwest Trilogy” in collaboration with

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