The Last Word on the Willie Nelson Bus That’s NOT Willie Nelson’s Bus

Though advertised as a Honeysuckle Rose, the bus that recently sold in Whitehouse, Texas for $100,000, belonged to drummer Paul English.
Sun June 8, 2014 1:30 pm
Me & Paul, named after a 1984 song, was listed on Craigslist as a “former Willie Nelson Tour Bus,” but it was designed for his drummer, Paul English, as a plaque states.
Ryan Hutson

In an interview for his 2008 biography Willie Nelson: An Epic Life, Joe Nick Patoski asked Mr. Nelson, who has residences in both Hawaii and Texas, where he considers home.

“We were on his bus,” Mr. Patoski said. “He just pointed to the table, to say definitively that this—the bus—was home.”

Like Mr. Nelson’s famously weathered Martin N-20 guitar, Trigger, his “home” also has a name: Honeysuckle Rose. Even when he’s at his ranch in Spicewood, Texas, legend has it that Mr. Nelson often opts to sleep on the bus. The bus is also where Mr. Nelson frequently engages in what he calls “adjusting his personality”—or smoking marijuana.

All told, there have been five buses named Honeysuckle Rose, according to representatives at Florida Coach, where Nelson has gotten his transportation since 1979. At least two are thought to be

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