The Legend of BrisketLab Continues

Daniel Delaney is attempting to do world-class Texas brisket in New York. Our Daniel Vaughn thought he could pull it off, and now Wayne Mueller has agreed. 
Thu August 16, 2012 9:38 pm
Courtesy Delaney BBQ

If he lived in California in the 1970s, Daniel Delaney might lead a cult.

The guy is a fanatic — one of those types whose rock-hard devotion to the cause makes others want to follow him in hopes that he’ll show them the light. The light, in this case, is brisket, smoked low and slow over Texas post oak.

For months, Delaney, 26, has been tinkering in Brooklyn with something called BrisketLab. He has won accolades by slow-smoking briskets the way the best of them do in the Lone Star State: in an all-wood pit. No wood-enhanced gas smoker, as is the case at barbecue joints throughout New York City. His popularity

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