Let’s Talk About Sex

Ninety-four percent of Texas high school students receive abstinence-only education. More than half of these teens are losing their virginity. So what do the majority of Texans really want their kids to know about sex? 

Last year, when I was working on a story about sex education in Texas, I was looking around for statistics that presented what high school kids were actually learning in the classroom. Certainly, loads of other statistics were available. For example, surveys showed that more than half of Texas students were losing their virginity in high school and a startling number weren’t using condoms. They also showed that few parents were talking to their kids about sex. Few churches addressed the issue. What message were the students getting from the schools? The state didn’t have that information, just TEKS guidelines. And while the Texas Freedom Network was on the case, having mailed open records requests to all 1,031 districts, the documents were trickling in slowly.

Now, I figured the number of kids receiving abstinence-only instruction would be high. But last week when the TFN released the report “ Just Say Don’t Know: Sexuality Education in Texas Public

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