Lisa Cain, Medical School Professor 

Photograph by Michael Carter

Cain, whose official job title is associate professor of neuroscience and cell biology, is a Mississippi native who moved to Texas in 1992. She runs the medical school enrichment courses at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and teaches the core-curriculum course gross anatomy. When she’s not in her lab coat, Cain paints folk-art pieces that reflect her childhood in the rural South.

I’m the mother of two boys, but I have a lot of children. Since 1992 I have taught gross anatomy to every student who has entered the medical school. I am very proud of all of them.

Gross anatomy and practice of medicine are the first courses the students take. Every August, in their very first week of medical school, 230 students walk into the lab. They take gross anatomy because they have to, and some of

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