The Little 10

Good riddance, Colorado and Nebraska! Now the remaining members of the Big 12 can concentrate on how much they hate one another.

It is said that the true nature of families comes out during times of crisis, and the dissolution of the dysfunctional family that was the Big 12 Conference proved the point. Following the announcements in June that the University of Nebraska and the University of Colorado would be leaving for the Big Ten and the Pac-10, respectively, it looked for several weeks as if the entire conference might come apart. As the University of Texas flirted with the Pac-10 as well and Texas A&M heard the siren song of the Southeastern Conference, all the fears and ambitions, all the envy and contempt, all the jealousies and grudges that had festered through the years came pouring out. Nothing was held back. The analogy that occurred to me over and over again during those weeks was to the doomed airliner. It was as if the remaining ten schools were passengers on a plane that had hit a nasty electrical storm and was losing altitude fast. The end was in sight, and everyone was determined to use his final moments of life to get everything off his chest.

I could imagine UT and A&M bickering as the cabin pressure drops and the luggage begins to tumble from the overhead compartments. “You’re seceding from the state!” shouts UT. “The consequences will be on your head!”

I’m sick and tired of you telling everybody what to do!” A&M screams. “You always thought you were better than everyone else! The rednecks in the SEC will love us.”

Relations are no better in the row occupied by Missouri, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma State. “I can’t believe I’m going to die sitting

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