Liza Richardson

Photograph by Marc Goldstein

The Arizona-born disc jockey came to Texas to attend Southern Methodist University in the eighties, got hooked on the local music scene, and soon found herself working at Dallas stations KNON and KERA, before moving to Los Angeles’s KCRW two decades ago. Today, in addition to her weekly radio show, she is the music supervisor for such television series as Parenthood, Hawaii Five-0, and Prime Suspect. The fruits of one of her most interesting gigs can be found on the recently released nineteen-disc DVD set FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: THE COMPLETE SERIES (Universal Studios).

How did you go from being a dance major at SMU to being a disc jockey?
When I was a senior in college, I started hanging out in Deep Ellum, and the scene was popping. When you’re in college, you get turned on to things, and I just started hanging around with all the bands and going to see music every night.

This was in the eighties, when the New Bohemians were coming up—
The New Bohemians! It was basically the New Bohemians that got me into it, because I followed them sort of obsessively and became friends with them and, you know, dated one of the guys. I ended up with a radio show, and I decided, “Okay, this is my future. This is what I’m going to do.”

Then you became a music supervisor, working on films like Y tu mamá también and Gigli. How did you move into television?
Friday Night Lights was my first job. I met [show creator] Peter Berg, and we talked about me maybe working on one of his films, but it didn’t really need a music supervisor. So he said, “Hey, look at my TV show.” They sent

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