March Madness: Why You Should Cheer for UT-Pan American

University of Texas-Pan American isn't on the forefront of everyone's mind, but their story makes them worth rooting for. 
Sat March 10, 2012 2:39 am
University of Texas-Pan American

The NCAA men’s basketball tournament will not be very Texan this year.

Baylor is the only definite, with the University of Texas looking good after yesterday’s Big 12 conference tournament win over Iowa State. Texas A&M, which broke a streak of five straight first-round NCAA tournament wins last season, will break a streak of six straight tournament bids in this one. And Texas Tech’s season was a disaster (8-23 overall and 1-17 in its conference), which is probably just how first-year coach (and turnaround artist) Billy Gillispie likes it.

Outside of the Big 12, most Texas schools have already exited their conference tournament, including the University of Texas at El Paso, still the only Texas team to win a national championship; North Texas, whose Tony Mitchell was the subject of an profile earlier this week; and the University of Texas at San Antonio, which won its first-ever NCAA

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