My Heart Belonged to Daddy

He died two years ago this month after a long career as a newspaper editor. Although he could handle a hard-news story with the best of them, he had a sentimental streak that kept the father-daughter dance going his whole life.
In a 1956 family photo.

On a bookshelf just above the television set is my favorite photograph of my father and me. My father is 75 in the photo and I am 37. I am wearing a white lace dress and he is in his tuxedo. We are dancing. Texas Monthlyhad assigned photographer Matthew Savins to illustrate a piece I’d written called “The Way to a Woman’s Heart.” Sensing my father’s anxiety about being photographed in a stark studio, the photographer put on a recording of thirties love songs, and somewhere between “Someone to Watch Over Me” and “The Way You Look Tonight,” he captured the lifelong mutual admiration society of a


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