Old Town Spring

Dozens of charming, century-old homes just north of Houston have been transformed into a historic shopping district, complete with wooden clogs and fried Oreos.
STREET SMARTS A Quickie Guide to Old Town Spring
Lana Williams Gallery
Photograph by Kenny Braun

The Little Dutch Girl

The sign out front advertising the homemade fudge sold inside (more than twenty flavors!) 
is a sneaky—if unintentional—bait and switch. You may duck in for a sugary treat, but you’ll walk out of this souvenir shop with a load of made-in-Holland mementos: delicate blue-and-white Delftware (perhaps a tea set 
or a windmill-shaped bell), a few yards of intricate cotton lace, 
and a pair of surprisingly functional wooden clogs. Not to mention the salty diamond-shaped licorice, buttery stroopwafel cookies, and wedges of “very aged” Old Amsterdam cheese that are too tasty not to take home.  210 Gentry, 281-355-0199, littledutchgirl.com

Loose Caboose BBQ and the Funnel Cake Express

These sister eateries are located directly across from each other on the town’s main drag. First, climb the stairs into the bright red caboose to order a pulled-pork sandwich, turkey leg, or Frito pie. Then head over to the glorified concession stand a few yards away to choose your own dessert adventure: Fried Twinkies or fried Oreos? Fried cheesecake or fried Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? A heart attack for here or to go? If taking a vacation from your diet is wrong, you won’t want to be right.  26403 1/2 Preston 
Ave. and 203 Midway, 281-288-1733 and 281-288-6099, thefunnelcakexpress.com

 Crossroads Collection

If your familiarity with tea doesn’t extend far beyond Lipton or Luzianne, let Robin Green, the proprietress of this hybrid boutique-tearoom, school you on the fundamentals (types, brewing techniques, food pairings) as you sniff your way through more than one hundred

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