An Open Letter From the Texanist

To Daniel Vaughn, New Barbecue Editor of Texas Monthly, on the Occasion of His First Day On the Job
Mon April 15, 2013 10:15 am

April 15, 2013

Dear Daniel:

Congratulations to you on your new position at Texas Monthly. The Texanist is very pleased to see that the magazine’s brass have deemed the study and reportage of barbecue worthy of a full-time editor. He feels that it is high time, in fact, for a publication that bills itself as the National Magazine of Texas to take this historic step. It should warm the heart of every Texan to know that Texas Monthly is now taking barbecue so seriously as to have an individual of your caliber dedicated to the full-time examination of smoked brisket, hand-stuffed sausages, meaty spare ribs, homemade banana pudding, and the like. You are a very accomplished young former architect and the Texanist looks forward to sharing a masthead with you. He wants you to understand that he is here to help

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