Opposite Gender Paddling Now Officially Permitted by Springtown ISD

The small town northwest of Fort Worth revisited its corporal punishment policy after the parents of two female high school students complained about the force used by a male assistant principal. 
Tue September 25, 2012 8:54 pm

Springtown ISD wrapped up an unexpectedly contentious week of back-and-forth Monday when its school board voted to adopt some brand new policies regarding corporal punishment, including allowing opposite-gender paddling to now be administered. 

Yes, you read that right. What prompted this review of policy? The issue cropped up last week when the parents of two female students took issue with how their daughters’ punishments had been administered, including the severity of their wounds.

At Springtown, as at most schools, a paddling has to be requested by the student, and the parent has to give consent. 

That’s what happened in the case of Taylor Santos, as Teresa Woodard of WFAA reported. The fifteen-year-old Springtown High School student had served one day of a two-day in-school suspension (after another student was caught copying her work) when she asked to take her lumps instead of serving out the second day. 

But according to Santos’ mother, Anna Jorgensen, those lumps turned out to be both too severe and contrary to school policy, as they had been delivered by a male vice principal, even though a female staff member was also in the room (district policy also requires there be two adults present).

As Woodard wrote:

Springtown ISD policy states “corporal punishment shall be administered only by an employee who is the same sex as the student.”

“It looked almost like it had been burned and blistered, it was so bad,” Jorgensen said.

“It was bright red,” Taylor said. “I still have welts on me today,” she added, 48 hours after the paddling.

Jorgensen has photos which prove how red her daughter’s bottom was.

The day after the paddling, she called the vice principal.

“He told me this was normal for her bottom to look like this after receiving swats, and that he was not aware of

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