Other Shoe Drops—But Not On Allen Fletcher

Tomball state representative Allen Fletcher is on his way to a second term. His former business associate may be on his way to the federal penitentiary.

A former business associate of Allen Fletcher, the Republican state representative from northern Harris County, was arrested on March 10 in connection with an alleged stock fraud scam, following a lengthy investigation by the FBI and Harris County authorities. Fletcher was not named in the indictment, but this latest action marks for the freshman lawmaker the resurfacing of a troubling story that won’t seem to die.

Last June, texas monthly broke the story that a company owned by Fletcher had become embroiled in a stock fraud investigation (“ Risky Business,” June 2009). That’s never good news for any sitting legislator, but it was uniquely embarrassing for Fletcher. A former Houston police officer who once supervised a white collar crimes unit, Fletcher had been appointed that spring to chair the House Jurisprudence Committee’s subcommittee on

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