Own Stars: What Are Your Favorite Texas Celebs Up To?

Drew Brees learns how to get to Sesame Street, Candy Spelling hoards Beanie Babies, and Sandra Bullock smuggles sausage. 
Thu December 22, 2011 1:56 am
Screenshot | Sesame Street

Famous Texans are always making headlines. For the latest scoop on Texas celebs, we bring you Own Stars, a TM Daily Post regular feature. 

Did Drew Brees Teach the Children Well? 
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees learned how to get to Sesame Street so he could teach Elmo how to measure. The Super Bowl winner used a ruler, of course, and then he got cute and used both a potato and a tube of toothpaste as measuring instruments, which might have muddied kids’ perception of math and science. Bleacher Report used the spot to pick on some players that are Brees’ own size. “Could you imagine if Tony Romo or another highly-scrutinized quarterback used some free time to chill with Elmo?” Bleacher Report writes. “Every time they threw an interception, some smart aleck would take to Twitter and type, ‘Maybe Elmo should have taught you how to throw.’” 

A War of Words Between Jenna Bush Hager and Chelsea Clinton 
Bill Clinton and George W. Bush will never run against each other, but the American public can live out a version of the Clinton-Bush battle through the past presidents’ daughters. To get the competitive juices flowing,  Jezebel compared two career snapshots of the budding journalists—Jenna Bush Hager’s dancing on the Today Show versus Chelsea Clinton’s report on at-risk kids for Rock Center—and concluded that Clinton is “better than Jenna.”  Omg! has a more thoughtful evaluation: “[Chelsea] doesn’t seem to have her father, Bill Clinton’s, charm and ease in public speaking,” Omg! writes. “Jenna is obviously much more comfortable on television. She’s bubbly, extroverted, and outgoing.”

Tree of Life Director Terrence Malick’s Sleights-of-hand Revealed 
Tree of Life, the confounding, phantasmagorical movie about the human condition, is racking up nominations and everyone wants to know the secrets of mysterious director Terrence Malick. Jessica Chastain told Interview Magazine that Malick, a member of the Texas Film Hall of Fame, told her to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art for her role as a 1950’s housewife. “Now when I watch the film, I see that in one of the very first shots of me, I’m sitting at the kitchen table and

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