The Paul Sadler Interview

As the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate prepares for his final debate against Ted Cruz, he discusses why he thinks he can win, the state of the Democratic party, and what the word "troll" really means.
The Paul Sadler Interview
Associated Press | Kevin Green

Ted Cruz and Paul Sadler are scheduled to meet October 19 in Dallas for their second and final debate in their race to replace Kay Bailey Hutchison as U.S. senator. In the October issue, Jake Silverstein interviewed Cruz about the campaign and his views. Earlier this week, Brian D. Sweany sat down with Sadler, who served in the Texas House from 1991 to 2003 and was named to Texas Monthly’s Best Legislators list four sessions in a row. After losing a special election for state senate in 2004, Sadler has worked as an attorney in Henderson and has served as the executive director of the Wind Coalition, a non-profit that encourages the development of wind power.

It has been nearly a decade since you last ran for office. How has the political environment changed since you served in the Legislature? Austin is obviously a different arena than Washington, D.C.

Washington has always been this way, as far as I can remember. I went to Washington several times at the request of different parties to talk about education reform. I used to always say I felt like I needed to take a shower after I left, because it was so partisan that I just really hated it. But I also thought I might like to go back to politics if and when my children reach the right age and my life was in the right place. We certainly had a more bipartisan agenda when I was here in the nineties. That is a reflection of the characters of the individuals involved. You can go down the list, in the state senate you had Bill Ratliff, Teel Bivins, and David Sibley. You had people who were very solution oriented members of the Senate. In the House you had people like myself, Toby Goodman and Rob Junell. These were people who carried weight

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