Peas Be With You

Step 1: Fill a basket with fresh vegetables from your local farmers’ market. Step 2: Cook them up using these recipes from a hip Houston chef. Step 3: Serve them to your family, who can’t tell okra from chicken nuggets. Step 4: Repeat.

Joan Gundermann wants you to eat your vegetables. So does Monica Pope, and if ever there were  people you should listen to when it comes to peas and carrots, it’s these two. Gundermann is a farmer; Pope is a chef. And both of them are eloquent proselytizers about the benefits of fresh, locally raised produce and meats. Their connection is not just philosophical, however; it’s also personal. Gundermann sells produce at the weekly farmers’ market outside Pope’s Houston restaurant, T’afia. And Pope always has something from Gundermann Farms, near Wharton, on her menu. Which is why, when we decided it was high time to publish a story celebrating the bounty of a Texas summer harvest, it seemed only natural to ask the two to collaborate.

With her rosy cheeks and well-scrubbed face, Gundermann is the perfect advocate for sustainable and organic farming. She grew up in the sixties in the Houston suburb of Spring Branch, but even though she

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