Phil Collins’s Alamo Obsession to Become a Documentary Film

Check out the trailer for a work-in-progress by Ben Powell, the photographer who shot Collins’s artifact collection for his book The Alamo and Beyond.
Wed December 19, 2012 11:23 pm
Ben Powell

Remember Phil Collins’s obsession with the Alamo? Of course you do. 

The former Genesis drummer-turned-frontman’s passion for the history of Texas’s most revered site was the subject of John Spong’s January, 2012 Texas Monthly story, “Come and Take a Look at Me Now.” That was followed by Collins’s own  book, The Alamo and Beyond: A Collector’s Journey, which had one academic calling the man behind “Sussudio” a “poet-historian.”

Now, Ben Powell, the photographer who shot Collins’s collection of Alamo artifacts for that coffee-table tome, aspires to make a documentary film about the Englishman in Texas, Phil Collins and the Wild Frontier. 

Powell tagged along with Collins on his book tour, camera in hand, and found “an overwhelming response from fans and Alamo enthusiasts, which led to strange interactions with Mr. Collins and myself,” he wrote for the film’s Kickstarter, which aims to raise $10,000. You can watch Powell’s trailer for the film, above.

Among the usual expected prizes (name in credits, DVD) are, for a $100 pledge, some prints of the photographer’s work for Collins’s book: 

Powell further explained:

Phil Collins and the Wild Frontier follows Mr. Collins on a 5-day tour as he answers questions about his obscure collection and his retirement from music. By observing the impact his music career has on his life and the more painful realities of being a celebrity, what unfolds is an examination of mankind’s obsession with artifacts.  Mr. Collins, a man absorbed in a collection of objects from a bygone era, is himself a relic of 80’s pop culture and objectified by his stardom.  

That’s part of what John Spong found in his Texas Monthly piece as well. Collins’s heightened interest in The Alamo dovetailed with the fact that he could no longer physically play the drums, and he also suffered through a lot of unwanted mocking attention when it was reported that he may have taken seriously a psychic’s suggestion that he was the reincarnation of former San Antonio

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