Pieces of the Puzzle

Great moments in the conspiracy time line.

November 22, 1963. Oswald tells Dallas reporters, “I’m just a patsy.” Denies shooting JFK.

December 1963. Mark Lane publishes “Lane’s Defense Brief for Lee Harvey Oswald.”

March 1964. First suggestion of a “second Oswald” by Leo Sauvage in Commentary.

Spring 1964. Enter the European critics with Joachim Joesten’s Oswald: Assassin or Fall-guy? and Thomas Buchanan’s Who Killed Kennedy? They blame U.S. government agencies, rich right-wingers, and racists.

September 1964. Warren Report conclusions published.

November 1964. Warren Commission releases 26 volumes of testimony.

June 1966. Edward J. Epstein publishes Inquest. Interviews with Warren Commission staff expose slipshod, limited nature of investigation and serious problems with single-bullet hypothesis. Goose farmer and former government investigator Harold Weisberg publishes Whitewash, one of the two most comprehensive polemics against Warren Report.

Summer 1966. Mark Lane’s Rush to Judgment becomes national best-seller.

September 1966. Sylvia Meagher publishes Subject Index to the Warren Report and Hearings & Exhibits; it becomes a key research tool.

November 1966. Life magazine commissions private investigation that casts doubt on Warren Commission conclusions.

February 1967. New Orleans DA Jim Garrison announces he has cracked JFK case. Takes David Ferrie—homosexual private investigator—into custody; Ferrie dies of a brain hemorrhage the day after his release. Assassination experts gather in New Orleans to

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