PORTFOLIO ONE • Home and Heritage

Most modern Texans are far removed from the land and legend of the West, but as the photos prove, they cherish it still.

(Images from the Twenty-fifth anniversary issue are not available online.)

Thousands of photographs have appeared in the pages of Texas Monthly since the magazine debuted 25 years ago. Narrowing them down to the hundred best images was tougher than a Texas Ranger. We wanted a fair reflection of the subjects that the magazine’s writers have covered since 1973 as well as of the various photographers whose work illuminated the articles.

Once the winnowing was through, the pictures fell naturally into three sections, which we labeled Home and Heritage, Fame and Fortune, and Life and Death. This opening section celebrates Texas’ strongest cultural ties: those to the land and legend of the West, the historical truth and mythos that give us our feeling of specialness. Most modern Texans are far removed from the cowboy and the country, but as the following 33 photos prove, they cherish it still.

The number on each picture is not a ranking of quality but strictly a device to permit easy cross-reference

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