A Q&A With Bill Broyles

The founding editor of TEXAS MONTHLY on the magazine’s first Best & Worst Legislators list.
A Q&A with Bill Broyles

TEXAS MONTHLY’s first Ten Best & Worst Legislators list appeared in the July 1973 issue, not long after the magazine’s February launch. The inaugural Best Barbecue list had run in April (“ The World’s Best Barbecue is in Taylor, Texas. Or is it Lockhart?”), and in the wake of its success, members of the magazine’s founding team—staff writers Richard West and Griffin Smith Jr., and Editor William Broyles—were inspired to apply their list-making talents to the Capitol, with “input and kibbutzing” from our own Paul Burka, who at the time was working from the inside.

To mark the list’s 20th anniversary, we called up Broyles, who’s gone on to write such familiar Hollywood titles as Apollo 13 and Cast Away, and asked for his memories from

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