A Q&A With Katy Vine

The senior editor on writing about Aaron Franklin and John Mueller, eating brisket five days in a row, and mastering a barbecue pit.
A Q&A With Katy Vine
Senior editor Katy Vine

Texans don’t just like barbecue, they love barbecue. They eat it, write about it, study it, take photographs of it, send it to friends, and then some. So it’s not surprising that when Aaron Franklin opened Franklin Barbecue and people began to take note of his amazing brisket, word spread quickly via Twitter and blogs. Lines began forming and getting longer, and the national press even applauded the newcomer. But who was this pitmaster? How could a young guy in Austin be producing some of the state’s best brisket? It came to be known that Aaron had once worked with John Mueller, of the legendary Louie Mueller clan in Taylor. John had learned the ropes from his father, Bobby, and then started his own successful shop in Austin. The joint had a loyal following, but in the end, John couldn’t make it work and eventually pulled out and moved on. Aaron ended up with John’s pit. As the buzz about Franklin Barbecue grew louder and louder, John remained silent. And then the rumor started floating around that he was returning to claim his crown as best in town. Could John make a comeback? Senior editor Katy Vine, who with her husband brought Snow’s BBQ to the attention of

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