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Who is the best female country artist from Texas?

These artists from Texas have definitely put their stamp on country music. The sounds and styles are different—and in some cases slightly similar—but these ladies have been entertaining audiences and stretching the genre.

The Dixie Chicks

The Dixie Chicks were raising eyebrows long before Natalie Maines raised her voice about a certain president. “Goodbye Earl,” a song about an abused wife who, with the help of a childhood friend, murders her no-good husband, is less exceptional for its macabre gloss on matrimony than for its rousing endorsement of the strength of female friendship. The idea is a welcome one in a genre that too often trades on narrow and unrealistic notions of love. That the Dixie Chicks managed to make all this sound like country’s version of “Shiny Happy People” speaks to the band’s intuition that postmodern reinterpretation and bluegrass-based folk are not mutually exclusive. Their reward? The Dixie Chicks remain the highest-selling female act of all time.
Watch “ Goodbye Earl.”

Miranda Lambert

The feisty star from Lindale does it her way. She writes or co-writes her own songs, and her fans find her lyrics about women not taking any bull from their men empowering. Read

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