From Screening Movies to Releasing Them

Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League starts an independent film distribution company, but can he make it work?
From Screening Movies to Releasing Them
Drafthouse Films will release Klown, a Danish comedy, next year.

Among genre cinema buffs and film industry insiders, the name Tim League is usually met with smiles of grateful approval: He’s the guy who made it fun to go to the movies again.

His Alamo Drafthouse chain started as a single theater in downtown Austin in 1997. It is known for both its convivial atmosphere (League’s was one of the first movie houses in the country to embrace the now ubiquitous trend of in-theater food service) and its respect for the experience of communal viewing (a number of disruptive patrons have been ejected over the years, including one woman who was booted out for texting, and whose angry voicemail the chain used in an anti-texting video that was widely circulated over the summer). The Austin flagship theater also

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