Searching for Truth

Pamela Colloff talks about reporting on an eighteen-year-old murder case and interviewing Anthony Graves, who was sent to death row for the crime.
Searching for Truth
Pamela Colloff

In 1992 Somerville authorities made a gruesome discovery in the charred remnants of a house fire: a woman and five children had been violently murdered and set ablaze. In nearby Brenham, the prime suspect—a prison guard named Robert Carter—identified 26-year-old Anthony Graves as the killer, even though no physical evidence or plausible motive linked him to the crime. Graves and Carter were both tried, convicted, and sentenced to death in 1994. Carter would later proclaim Graves’s innocence, including moments before Carter’s own execution in 2000. Fourteen years after his arrest, in 2006, Graves’s conviction

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