Six Must-Attend Events Feb. 23-28

The state's top events and offerings, from the last showing of "A Ride With Bob" in Austin to seeing four contestants vie to be the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist.
Fri February 22, 2013 7:45 pm
Four contestants will compete to be named the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist.
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Eyes on the Prizes
For “ Through the Eyes of Texas: Masterworks From Alumni Collections,” the Blanton Museum of Art’s fiftieth anniversary exhibition opening Sunday, the curator Annette Carlozzi raided the art collections of almost 150 University of Texas graduates across the country, viewing some 3,000 pieces that she pared down to a final selection of 200. One of the standouts is a two-foot-by-three-foot print of “Minotauromachy,” by Pablo Picasso. “It’s bravura printmaking,” Carlozzi said. “It was done in 1935, the year before the Spanish Civil War. There’s a lot of imagery from Guernica in it. Psychologically, it’s very ripe.” This was the first research the Blanton has done in identifying alumni who are art collectors, and Carlozzi said she almost never knew what she was going to find on her visits. She divided her “rare and compelling” finds into “clusters.” One cluster includes a seventeenth century samurai helmet, a Tom Lea mural of a conquistador, a Manet painting of a bugler, Alberto Korda’s famous photograph of Che Guevara, and a Thomas Eakins painting of an admiral. But there are no signs dictating this theme—it is an implied connection visitors are challenged to make. “There is

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