Six Must-Attend Events: Feb. 8-15

The state's top events and offerings, from parking at a drive-in theater with your sweetheart to channeling your inner cowboy at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.
Fri February 8, 2013 5:15 pm
James Phifer, Glen Ellman


Shop Till You Drop
Macy’s announced last month that it is closing its department store in downtown Houston. The property owner said the historic building would be torn down and replaced with a new one. And while the building will soon be gone, it will not be forgotten. The Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park is currently showing “ Foley’s Department Store: Houston’s Community Partner, 1900-2005,” an exhibition celebrating Foley’s, the retailer that originally owned the building, and its imprint on Houston. “We have a really wonderful image of a huge crowd of people outside waiting to get in on opening day” in 1947, said Ginger Berni, the exhibition coordinator. “And they were all dressed up. It was really meant to be an all-day affair. You could eat, get your hair done and shop.” The exhibition, open through this weekend only, chronicles the store’s role in World War II (through the sale of war bonds), its integration of women and minorities into its staffing, its propagation of mall culture through expansion into the suburbs, and its philanthropic contributions to the city, which range from hosting the annual Thanksgiving Day parade to sponsoring Little League teams. “The

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