Six World Records Set in Texas…and Four More That Need to Be

World's biggest Frito pie? Check. Most consecutive back handsprings? Got it. Largest pecan pie? Indeed. But when it comes to some truly important Guinness records, Texas is playing second enchilada.
Fri November 16, 2012 12:40 am
Twitter | @fritolay

Happy Guinness World Records Day! Today is the eighth annual event held (largely online) by the British arbiter of the Longest, Shortest, and Fastest. Today people around the globe are encouraged to attempt a wide variety of odd, impressive, and completely meaningless world records.

Here in Texas, however, people do that all the time, unprompted. In the past six weeks alone, the state has set four marks, starting with “ The world’s largest Frito pie” (above) at the State Fair on October 1. And yesterday, because it’s also “America Recycles Week,” Dallas-based AT&T announced that it had set the record for “collecting the most wireless devices in a week.” 

Sure, that’s a little boring compared to older Texas records like “Most People Wearing Frog Masks” ( set at Texas Tech) or—get ready to

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