Slow to Evolve

Mon December 1, 2008 6:00 am

Gail Lowe: The National Academy of Science has still stated that it is not a fact and we don’t believe evolution ought to be taught as a fact. Katy, do people argue about gravity?
Katy Vine: No.
GL: No. But do they argue about evolution?
KV: Yeah.
GL: So evolution can’t be equated to the law of gravity because evolution does not have the full evidential experience that gravity does. People do still argue about evolution theory.

—February, 2008

For a few hours on Thursday morning, I was relieved to read in the Texas dailies that most of the folks who gave testimony at the State Board of Education meeting last Wednesday wanted strong language in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills ( TEKS) supporting evolution. Hello, progress!

Later in the day, however, I had a depressing thought—one that may have been obvious to folks who’ve followed the evolution saga. The reason so many Texans testified in favor of strong language supporting evolution in the TEKS is because they’re having to play defense and they’re losing.

They’re not losing with the majority of scientists, of course. But they lose where it counts: the State Board of Education. I went back in my

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