Souper Bowls

A steaming roundup of the best dishes at our favorite Texas noodle houses.
Photograph by Adam Voorhes


Shoyu Ramen Daruma Ramen
Made from tapioca, Daruma’s noodles are outstandingly springy. This broth is chicken-based, and the shoyu (traditional Japanese soy sauce) is augmented with a slice of a pink-and-white fish cake, giving it a clean salinity. There’s even a veggie option. 612-B E. 6th (512-369-3897).

Beef Noodle Soup Julie’s Handmade Noodles
Other northern Chinese places in town also do hand-pulled noodles, but Julie’s are nice and chewy and on the rustic side; adding chile sauce gives this soup magical powers. Get in line along with famished students from UT—Julie’s trailer is on campus. 2512 Rio Grande (646-508-3308). 

Tonkotsu Ramen Ramen Tatsu-ya
This is hands down the city’s primo noodle house, with the best chashu (simmered pork) and the most intense broth. The noodles, imported from Los Angeles, don’t get soggy, and the ajitama egg is heavenly. Just looking at a bowlful adds an inch to your waistline. 8557 Research

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