Some College Students Aren’t Waiting Until Graduation to Start a Business

Technologist, entrepreneur, and Texas A&M university student Jon Moeller found that the best way to develop his new business was to do it with the help of a school-sponsored startup accelerator.
Mon February 11, 2013 7:45 pm
Texas A&M student Jon Moeller demonstrates his ZeroTouch technology.

Jon Moeller got an early start as an entrepreneur. By the time he started his graduate work in the computer engineering school at Texas A&M, he had already grabbed the attention of the tech community as an undergraduate with a touch-free computer screen called ZeroTouch. Moeller is the co-developer of ZeroTouch, a touch-free computer screen developed in the Interface Ecology Lab at Texas A&M University and supported by grants received from The National Science Foundation and Cypress Semiconductor. Jon works as a research assistant to Associate Professor Dr. Andruid Kerne, principal investigator for these grants and director of the Interface Ecology Lab. 

ZeroTouch is a sensor that can track your hands and fingers in real-time. It looks like an empty picture frame, but that frame is filled with infrared LEDs and sensors that create a grid of invisible beams. When the

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