Stanley Marsh 3 Arrested

The Amarillo millionaire and iconoclastic "Cadillac Ranch" artist/prankster faces 11 felony charges of sexual activity with two teenage boys. 
Thu November 29, 2012 7:44 pm
Associated Press | Michael Schumacher

Stanley Marsh 3’s legal problems have officially become criminal.

As Jim McBride of the Amarillo Globe-News wrote, the 74 year-old Amarilloan turned himself in Wednesday after 11 second-degree felony charges–six counts of “child sexual abuse” and five counts of “sexual performance by a child”–were filed against him. 

McBride wrote that the specific allegations against Marsh 3 include performing oral sex on a teenage boy and hiring another teen to masturbate for him.

Marsh 3, who suffered a series of strokes last year and is under the legal guardianship of his wife Wendy, was brought to the Potter County Detention Center by his wife and lawyers, then released on bonds totalling $300,000. 

The Amarillo millionaire and iconoclastic “Cadillac Ranch” artist/prankster is already the defendant in a string of civil lawsuits alleging the same sort of activity. The first of  two that were filed in late October called Marsh 3:

a serial abuser of boys and young men…Marsh 3 has been known to take in troubled young men, particularly ones with artistic talents, under a so-called ‘mentorship’ program.

Since then, the number of civil suits  has grown to six, involving a total of 10 teens, and Lubbock County district attorney Matthew D. Powell has been appointed special prosecutor for the criminal investigation.  According to Emily Griffin of Newschannel 10, Potter County D.A. Randall Sims “has recused himself as a possible witness” in the case.

As the Globe-News’ McBride further recounted, Amarillo police searched Marsh 3’s offices on November 7, finding evidence that “further corroborates the accounts of sexual exploitation of minors.”

Meanwhile, on November 14, a Potter County judge ruled that Marsh 3 was incapacitated. Marsh’s wife and two of his companies have filed a motion asking that Marsh 3 not be included in the civil lawsuits due to his condition. 

As the Associated Press’s Betsy Blaney wrote, Marsh 3’s criminal defense attorneys said in a statement that:

…the teens in the civil cases waited until Marsh suffered a massive stroke last year to move forward with a plan ‘to become multimillionaires’ by signing with a Houston personal injury attorney.

The criminal case

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