Subscription Accomplished

Subscription Accomplished
Photo Illustration.
Reuters/Jeff Mitchell

On Tuesday of the week that this issue arrives on the newsstand, President George W. Bush will rise from his bed on the second floor of the White House for the last time. According to custom, he will receive President-elect Barack Obama for coffee sometime later that morning. The two men will proceed up to Capitol Hill, where at precisely 12 noon, Obama will be sworn into office. When the ceremony concludes, Bush will continue to Andrews Air Force Base and board the plane formerly known as Air Force One (postpresidentially, it will fly under the name Special Air Mission). As Washington, D.C., erupts in the biggest inaugural celebration in the country’s history, Bush will make his exit, flying first to Midland before carrying on to Waco. By late evening he’ll have reached his ranch in Crawford. He will no longer be the leader of the free world and the commander in chief of the most powerful military known to man. He

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