SXSW: Jon Stewart Weighs in on “Homeless Hotspots”

The controversial marketing and charity campaign caught the attention of the Daily Show host, who said it used “vulnerable members of society as objects.” 
Fri March 16, 2012 12:56 am
Screenshot | Daily Show

The controversial “homeless hotspots” marketing and charity campaign at SXSW Interactive caught the attention of the Daily Show ’s Jon Stewart, who criticized the practice as “using vulnerable members of society as objects.” 

“So rather than train homeless people to become computer workers, we’re training them to become computer equipment?” he quipped. “Just look at the shirt these people have to wear. ‘I’m Mark, a 4G hotspot,’ not, ‘I’m Mark, a person with a 4G hotspot,’ not, ‘Ask me how I, a human being named Mark, can help you, another human being, with Internet access.”

Watch the clip below:

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