T. Boone and Madeleine Pickens’ Super Sad True Divorce Story

The couple is splitting after seven years of marriage. 
Thu October 4, 2012 10:12 pm
AP Photo | Evan Agostini

After seven years of marriage, T. Boone and Madeleine Pickens are going their separate ways. A spokesman confirmed the news to the AP Tuesday and said the couple is parting amicably. Madeleine was the 84-year-old oil tycoon’s fourth wife.

Skip Hollandsworth’s September 2008 Texas Monthly cover story on T. Boone offered a peek into the couple’s marriage in happier times. Some tidbits from that story follow below.

While Hollandsworth was flying with the couple on their $57 million private jet, Madeleine likened meeting T. Boone in 2005 to meeting her John Wayne.The conversation continued:

“We’re having such a good time that we’ve been talking about starting a family,” Boone said, the look on his face completely serious.

“Yes, we’re working very hard to have one,” Madeleine added, giving me an equally serious look, her perfectly plucked eyebrows rising slightly. “We’re trying every night.”

I stared at them, unsure what to say, until they both started laughing.

“The way things have been going, who the hell knows?” Boone said. “Who the hell knows?”

And how did they meet? Through Dallas Morning News society columnist Alan Peppard (who was second to report on the breakup, eleven minutes after D Magazine’s Tim Rogers, who later wrote that “I suspect, though cannot say with certainty, that [Peppard] already knew about the divorce and had not reported it because he’s more of a gentleman than I but was forced by my post to put up his own.”).

Here’s Hollandsworth’s account of the couple’s first encounter:

It was Peppard who, after meeting Madeleine at a luncheon in Kentucky, suggested to Boone that he take her out on a date. Boone, however, was just coming off another marriage—right after his divorce from Bea, he had wedded a Dallas woman

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