Take Me to the River

The joys of (barely) making a splash on the Colorado.
Courtesy of the LCRA

My recent canoe trip on the Colorado River at Columbus was so effortless it seemed more of a thought than an action. For one thing, right at the put-in sat Howell Canoe Livery, whose cheerful proprietor outfitted me with a pristine canoe, carried it down the hill, held it steady at the dock while I stepped in, and fetched me at nearby Beason’s Park when I was finished. The river itself bent over backward to please, looping so extravagantly out north from town and back again that although I covered more than six miles of river in two hours, my trip ended less than a mile from where I had launched. Except for a couple of rippled patches that hiked my adrenaline level slightly above snooze mode and a brief headwind that required one spurt of exertion, I glided along with my paddle across my

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