Taken for Granite

I had no idea Llano was such a rock-solid town.
Who Needs Bluebonnets? The Llano River's mineral outcrops hold perennial appeal.
Photograph by Donna Bowen

Yes, the wildflowers of Llano County can be spectacular— sometimes. If the rains come in fall and spring. If the searing heat holds off until summer. If, when the blooms do appear, they aren’t crushed by zillions of kiddos and pups posing for photos.

The rocks of Llano County, on the other hand, which can also be spectacular, don’t even know the meaning of the word “unpredictable.” At least not anymore. The oldest rocks in this region did enjoy some wild times in their youth, more than a billion years ago, back in those crazy Proterozoic days. If you weren’t there yourself, you’ve probably heard about all that molten action under the earth’s crust, when superheated magma bubbled up to just below the surface, decided to be cool, and then

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