The Tasteful Nude Self-Portraits Dubya Sends His Sister

Does the George W. Bush presidential library need some art? A hacker who goes by "Guccifer" may have rustled up some options.
Fri February 8, 2013 11:15 am
The Smoking Gun

We knew George liked to paint puppies ( thanks, Joe Hagan!), and that he was working on some Texan landscapes. But who knew the president would try his hand at the selfie? 

In case you missed it, a hacker who goes by “Guccifer,” has raked through three years worth of Bush family email accounts, including that of Dorothy Bush Koch, Bush’s sister. Via The Smoking Gun , which is reporting the story, we see that there in Koch’s email Guccifer struck gold: Bush had emailed his sister photographs of two self-portraits centering around the theme of personal hygiene. They’re quite introspective!

In both paintings–his self-portait in a tub and his self-portrait in a shower–Bush paints water rushing out of the faucet. The 43rd president keeps a low-profile in each, always a little oblique–all legs and toes in one, a bare back and some eyes caught in a shower shaving mirror in the other. The pictures are actually very charming:

George W. Bush Self-Portrait in Bath.

George W. Bush Self-Portrait in Shower.

And, for now, I think it’s safe to judge how seriously Dubya takes his art by this picture of him posing next to a cardboard cutout (Note the hacker’s watermark): 

George W. Bush next to a life-size cardboard cut-out of himself dressed as a French Painter

On a less lighthearted note, the hacker also stole photos of George H.W. Bush in Methodist hospital. 

According to the  Washington Post , a criminal investigation of the hacker has begun.


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