Ten More Trips Worth Gearing Up For

10 More Trips Worth Gearing Up For


21 miles southwest of Abilene

Yurts so good? That’s the opinion at Abilene State Park, which has built three of these nifty shelters, distinguished by their circular shape and gently domed top. With bunk beds, a sofa, and a microwave, a yurt might be the best way for families to enjoy the shady campsites and short nature trails at this park. But even if you can’t stay overnight, the lovely CCC-built swimming pool is reason enough to visit.


On Park Road 23, in Blanco

What a summer that was! We swam in the spring-fed Blanco River, played volleyball, and fed the ducks with leftover apple crumble from the Deutsch Apple after we couldn’t eat any more. In the evenings we danced and danced at Kendalia, Fischer, and Gruene halls, and when we returned to camp, we stayed up and watched the stars and talked all night. And you can too.

Caddo Lake

1.5 miles east of Karnack

It may not be the largest freshwater lake in the South—that would be Florida’s Lake Okeechobee. But regardless of the statistics, Caddo Lake is a wonder of the world that is still a mysterious backwater. The name is a bit of a misnomer, though, since the park fronts onto Big Cypress Bayou three miles from open water. But a paddle around

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