Things Got Ugly at the Senate Debate When Sadler Called Cruz a Troll

The first Senate debate was an hour-long display of cross-talk and exasperation, but things really heated up after Paul Sadler called Ted Cruz a troll.
Wed October 3, 2012 7:16 pm
Screenshot | WFAA

Ted Cruz can’t lose. Paul Sadler isn’t going to win.

And so last night’s Belo-sponsored debate between the two candidates to replace Kay Bailey Hutchison in the United States Senate was just another hour of TV entertainment, high on name-calling, cross-talk, and exasperation.

Brad Watson of WFAA and Gromer Jeffers Jr. of the Dallas Morning News moderated the debate, but couldn’t modulate the two participants.

The short version? Sadler called Cruz a troll, a liar, and a guy who doesn’t hunt, while Cruz, no stranger to the role of underdog/attack-dog from his primary against David

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