TNT’s Dallas Spurs Its Namesake to Prosper

The time-honored TV show is finally back, and it's bringing Dallas economic and tourism growth, as well as a certain sense of pride.
<em>Dallas</em> Spurs Its Namesake to Prosper

TNT’s reboot of the classic television series Dallas has proved a boon on many levels. The nearly forgotten stars of the original CBS show—Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, and Linda Gray—reprise their roles, and have been given a new lease on their careers.

TNT executives, meanwhile, are no doubt pleased with the show’s ratings: Since its premiere in mid-June, Dallas has averaged nearly five million viewers each week, making it one of the most popular scripted shows on basic cable.

Perhaps the biggest beneficiary, however, is the city of Dallas. In recent months, the city has experienced a boost in civic pride and tourist activity. It is also enjoying economic perks that it never got from the original Dallas, which ran from 1978 to 1991,

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