A Tribute to Mr. Bojangles

Todd Snider's latest album reflects his deep-seated admiration for Jerry Jeff Walker's free-spirited style.
A Tribute to Mr. Bojangles
Courtesy of Shore Fire Media

In 1985, a few years before “singer-songwriter” would be permanently affixed to his name, nineteen-year-old Todd Snider showed up in San Marcos, knowing only that he had come to “sing.”

I was a drifter, the kid that was always on your couch, didn’t have parents with bread and wasn’t going to college,” said Snider, who grew up in Portland. “My friends called me ‘The Load.’”

Snider said he had a life-changing moment not long after arriving in San Marcos: a friend took him to Gruene Hall, a legendary venue in New Braunfels, to see Jerry Jeff Walker, one of the architects of the 1970s “Cosmic Country” movement.

What he was singing about that night made me feel less like a freeloader and more like a free spirit,” Snider

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