The Unveiling of George P. Bush

What it means to have that famous last name appear on the ballot in Texas once again.
Wed March 13, 2013 9:15 am
George P. Bush, left, talks to businessmen prior to making the opening statements at the Texas Business Leadership Council in Austin on February 26.
AP Photo | Eric Gay

The tweet went out at 2:51 yesterday afternoon, but the talk hasn’t died down since. George P. Bush wrote: “Great visit with . Updated filing. Running for . Join me at “And that is how the freshest face in one of the country’s oldest political dynasties officially announced his decision to run for land commissioner in 2014.

The office wasn’t exactly a surprise, though the timing was. The 36-year-old grandson of one president, nephew of another, and son of a possible 2016 candidate, Bush had filed a campaign finance report with the Texas Ethics Commission in January, though he did not specify an office. At that time, he indicated that he was leaning toward land commissioner but that he would make an announcement after the current legislative session, which ends on Memorial Day. That decision left him open to criticism that he sounded “like a dilettante: someone who thinks he’s God’s gift to Texas politics” by not coming out forcefully for a particular office.

As part of today’s unexpected announcement, Bush, who calls Fort Worth his hometown, released a 2:49 minute video that helped introduced him to voters. He explained his interest in veteran’s affairs, public schools, and energy issues and revealed that it was the calling of public service, taught to him in particular by his grandmother Barbara (known to him as “Ganny”), that has led him to run. What the video didn’t do was drill down too deeply into his political


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