The Unveiling of Lloyd Bentsen

Portrait of the presidential candidate, running hard. 

Bentsen? Oh, hell yes, we just cut him from 7-to-l to 4-to-l. He’s strong, Bentsen, I think he’s projecting more’n the other guys. He ain’t even a dark horse no more. We got him sec­ond behind Scoop, Scoop’s 2-to-l. But hell, it’s just such a wide-open field, ya know? —Jimmy the Greek

The Mirage

The sun languishes out on the wingtip, like a beach ball on a diving board, preparing to drop timidly into the muddled trough of America. The Senator gazes tiredly through the port window, absently massaging a shoeless foot while sa­voring the rare—increasingly rare—respite of privacy, when the Reporter mumbles yet another question at him.

“Accident, hell!” exclaims

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