We Are the Champions

We Are the Champions

Since tax day, when Governor Perry flirted with the idea of Texas seceding from the Union, we have been treated to a full-blown rampage of anti-Texan invective the likes of which have not been seen since George W. Bush decamped from Washington for brushier pastures. “This one state has done more than any other to retard progress in our recent history,” frothed Michael Tomasky in his blog for the Guardian, calling us “a greasy white zit in the middle of America’s nose.” Some guy named David Faris took to the National Public Radio airwaves with a commentary titled “Don’t Mess With Texas … Get Rid of It.” Never, ever to be outdone, the Web site Wonkette let it rip, declaring the Lone Star State to be a “dipshit dismal swamp … that produces little more than incredible assholes.”

Even if you are among the 61 percent of Texans who voted against Perry the last time you had a chance to and even if you maintain, as a poll found that three quarters of us do, that secession is a foolish idea, you still can’t read this overheated,

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