The Woman On Top

A few thing in life are certain—turkeys will be carved every fall, taxes will be due every spring, and Sandra Brown will publish a new best-seller every summer. With more than 70 million books in print, she is the most successful author in Texas. And (pant, pant, moan, sigh) the steamiest.
Photograph by Darren Braun

As I walked into her office, she rose elegantly from behind her desk. In heels, she was nearly six feet tall, her body slender but curvy. Her reddish hair with blond highlights was perfectly tousled, and her lean face contained both well-defined cheekbones and soft, full lips. She was wearing a silky beige top that was cut just low enough for me to catch a tantalizing glimpse of a bra strap, and her spectacularly long legs were covered in form-fitting linen slacks that accentuated her pert posterior.

Hello,” I said softly, my breath making a hissing sound as I inhaled through my teeth.

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