The World v. American Airlines

Fallout from the Fort Worth-based airline's Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization leads to unprecedented delays, an unhappy pilot's union and even unhappier (and vocal) consumers.
Tue October 2, 2012 7:16 pm
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Loose seats on its airplanes sliding around “like a carnival ride.”  Unprecedented delays for the past three weeks. A profane  Twitter complaint account. And more bad press than Todd Akin, Bashar Assad, and tainted peanut butter put together. 

This not a fun week to be American Airlines. 

“Friends Don’t Let Friends Fly American Airlines,” Slate columnist Matthew Yglesias proclaimed on Monday, after a bad personal experience with the Fort Worth-based carrier, which is in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy and engaged in a court battle with its pilots union. Wrote Yglesias:

You seriously have to stop traveling on American Airlines. Seriously. If you’re booking some travel somewhere, book it somewhere else. If your company has some relationship with American that gives them a strong preference for you to fly with American, still book it somewhere else.

Yglesias, who had flown from Tulsa to Dallas last week, experienced a long and frustrating maintenance delay made worse by an under-operating DFW shuttle train. 

And he’s not the only one. His column was written partly in response to a Sunday New York Times op-ed by novelist Gary

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