The Writes of Spring

Robert Caro on LBJ. Marcus Luttrell on war. Douglas Brinkley on Walter Cronkite. James Donovan on the Alamo. Steve Coll on ExxonMobil. Ben Fountain on a surreal Dallas Cowboys halftime show. Dan Rather and Sissy Spacek on themselves. For some reason, May has turned out to be a month like no other for Texas-related books. Here’s our handy guide. By Gregory Curtis, Skip Hollandsworth, Christopher Kelly, Paul Knight, Jeff Salamon, Mimi Swartz, and Brian D. Sweany
The Writes of Spring
Illustration by Adam Voorhes

This month sees the publication of no fewer than eight major books by or about Texans. To guide you through this literary bonanza, we put together a helpful roundup. On your mark, get set, read!

Hunting With 
Marcus Luttrell

The author of Lone Survivor still has his gun at the ready. By Paul Knight

 “Can you handle steel?” Marcus Luttrell wanted to know.

The 36-year-old Navy SEAL turned best-selling author held a black 9mm pistol and moved it from hand to hand while explaining the finer points of making it shoot. He pulled out the clip and turned it

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