Wyatt’s World

In the three decades that contibuting photographer Wyatt McSpadden has been shooting for Texas Monthly, the Amarillo native has trained his camera on almost every cultural icon in the state, from Bob Bullock and Ann Richards to barbecue and dance halls. Here on the Thirtieth Anniversary of his first assignment—a series of portraits of oddball philanthropist Stanley Marsh 3— our well-loved lensman shares a few of his favorite images that have been in our pages.

I got my first assignment for Texas Monthly in 1978, when I was a 26-year-old freelance photographer in Amarillo. Senior editor Gary Cartwright was in town reporting on the T. Cullen Davis murder trial, and he had somehow worked local arts patron and eccentric Stanley Marsh 3 into his cover story. I got a call from Nancy McMillen, at that time the magazine’s art coordinator, who hired me to photograph Stanley. I had worked for Stanley for years and knew him to be a lively subject who wasn’t shy in front of a camera. We did dozens of shots of him wearing different hats from his closet, making

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