You Can Also Deep-Fry Vegan Food

At the Veggie State Fair of Texas, the chili for "Fried Frito Pie" may not have any meat, but still doesn't use beans.
Fri October 19, 2012 9:19 pm

On the same day that the State Fair of Texas closes, the Veggie State Fair of Texas grabs a little of the spotlight, taking over Reverchon Park in Dallas this Sunday. And just as visitors who come to see Big Tex are also there to try such deep-fried contest-winners as jambalaya and bacon cinnamon rolls, meat-and-dairy-decliners get to partake in the Third Annual Vegan Cooking Awards.

As Teresa Gubbins of CultureMap Austin noted, Veggie State Fair of Texas founder and’s James Scott “was inspired to create the competition after witnessing all the hoopla over the State Fair of Texas’ annual Big Tex Choice Awards.”

Like the Big Tex Choice Awards, there is one honor for Best Tasting and one for Most Creative, though judging from the entries, the latter category might be as much about creating successful food alternatives as coming up with something truly wacky.

Below, the seven deep-fried contenders, with the Veggie State Fair’s own descriptions in italics. (Warning: Liberal “use” of “air quotes” ahead.) Surprisingly—or perhaps not—there’s no sign of mock bacon anywhere.

Fried Reuben fritters:

A savory combination of chopped corned “beef” seitan, sauerkraut, and rich cashew Swiss “cheese”, rolled into a

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