Texas Supreme Court Rejects State Appeal In Same-Sex Divorce

The Texas Supreme Court today ruled that Governor Greg Abbott, while serving as the state’s attorney general, missed an opportunity to intervene in a timely fashion to challenge a same-sex divorce.

The record reveals that the State, while fully aware of the public import of this private dispute, had adequate opportunity to intervene and simply failed to diligently assert its rights. This is not a case in which the State was unaware of the litigation or blindsided by the result.

Abbott issued a statement disagreeing with the court.

“The Texas Supreme Court’s decision is disappointing and legally incorrect. The Court mistakenly relied on a technicality to allow this divorce to proceed. Importantly, the Supreme Court did not address the Texas Constitution’s definition of marriage—and marriage in Texas remains an institution between one man and one woman. The Texas Constitution continues to stand as the governing law for marriage in the State of Texas. The State and all political subdivisions in Texas remain prohibited by the Texas Constitution from giving effect to a same-sex marriage or any document recognizing one—including the divorce decree in this case.”

It Ain’t No Picnic

Just as in spring the thoughts of young men turn to baseball, in the summer—specifically with the approach of Independence Day—the thoughts of good Texans turn to Willie Nelson and his Fourth of July Picnic. But this year Abbott’s favorite son has thrown fans a curveball, announcing in early May that the fabled Texas shindig will be held in … Washington State.

Willie Nelson

Evan Smith: Could there have been a Willie Nelson without an Abbott?

Willie Nelson: I doubt it. I’ve always felt like Abbott was a special place. It was the perfect place for me to grow up because it was a small town and because everybody knew everybody. Everybody there was friends or family or worked together or went to school together. There was something real positive about that.

Off the Road Again

A jab or pain above my right hipbone meant morning had come for me, no matter that I could see stars in the plum summer sky through the window. I rolled over on my pallet on the floor of the upstairs room, trying to settle into a position for a few more minutes’ sleep.

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